Premier Grand Cru classification has to be earned!

The history of a wine estate and the expertise of the growers are important factors for obtaining this classification. Time also plays its part in the quality of such wines. With age, they develop a harmonious texture and intense, lingering aromas which make them excellent wines for maturing. The ability to produce consistently superior quality justifies their place at the top of the hierarchy of crus vaudois.

The Premiers Grands Crus must be planted at a density of at least 6000 vines per hectare. Yield must not exceed 0.8 litres per square metre for the Chasselas.
The grapes must of course be harvested by hand, and the sugar content must be at least 75° Oe.

The soil in which we grow our Dézaley Premier Grand Cru La Gueniettaz contributes to its reputation. Loamy and calcareous, it gives the wine its richness and subtlety.

When all the right criteria come together, the wine is presented to the Commission des Premiers Grands Crus, which decides whether to grant this prestigious label. The classification has to be reconfirmed for every new vintage.

We are therefore extremely proud that our Dézaley La Gueniettaz now stands at the top of the pyramid of Vaud wines. Especially because it is the only Dézaley Premier Grand Cru!